Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Anteloper - "Bubble Under"

Photo by Richard Ross
Anteloper isn't the type of music we typically bring you. They are a Chicago duo consisting of trumpet player Jaimie Branch and drummer Jason Nazary. Their latest single, "Bubble Under," combines elements of jazz, electronic music, and hip hop. It's highly experimental. This is definitely not music that people are going to be going crazy for at a dance club. However, there is something almost accessible here. Almost. Sure, some (ok, probably most) of the lengthier, more discordant trumpet solos aren't going to appeal to most people. But they are damn intriguing. Despite its laid back sound, "Bubble Under" isn't the type of jazz or atmospheric electronic music you just put on in the background and ignore. 

You can listen to "Bubble Under" below. Tour Beats Vol. 1, the upcoming EP from Anteloper, will be out July 1 on International Anthem. You can pre-order your copy via Bandcamp

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