Tuesday, June 30, 2020

First Listen: New Releases for 26 June

Artist: Young Ejecta
Album: Ride Lonesome
Quick Description: Latest effort from the synthy electronic duo.
Why You Should Listen: Part art project, part musical project, all awesome.
Overall Thoughts: I've enjoyed everything musically that we've gotten from Young Ejecta, and Leanne Macomber (perhaps better known for her work with Non Indian) exudes a presence in this project that just works really well. This is decidedly more mainstream sounding than the previous efforts, and while it's been a while, it's clear the overall conceit behind the project (think of an alien observer) has taken a backseat, the musical efforts have not. I really enjoyed this, and it's absolutely an interesting take on what many might think is a tired subgenre.
Recommendation: A favorite this week.

Artist: Gordi
Album: Our Two Skins
Quick Description: Sophomore singer-songwriter effort.
Why You Should Listen: While her first effort was more direct, this is more successfully scaled back.
Overall Thoughts: There is a lot of singer-songwritery stuff out this week, and there's definitely no dearth of it in the overall release schedule, but Gordi's latest effort stood out because of how deliberately and unexpectedly stark and reserved it was. There's quite a bit to like here, and even the parts that do not fully succeed still exude an effort and style that fits with the whole. In a week where it might be easy for things like this to get lost in the pile, this deserves a closer look.
Recommendation: Worth the time.

Artist: The Rentals
Album: Q36
Quick Description: Full-length presentation of new material and singles from the last few years.
Why You Should Listen: The Rentals are usually great.
Overall Thoughts: In a sense, this is ultimately no different than other Rentals releases outside of the fact that many of these songs date back nearly three years. Still, while it's great to have in one package and contains a lot of great songs, the only downside is that it doesn't feel like a cohesive whole, instead seeming to have a compilation vibe. This isn't a bad thing overall: you're likely to find plenty to love here, and I can't wait to go back for a few of the songs ("Elon Musk is Making Me Sad," "Teen Beat Cosmonaut") as well as sort out what I may have missed on a whole.
Recommendation: A great return after a six year full-length gap.

Of note:

* Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged (The sign of a good album is when it's just as gorgeous when stripped down to its acoustic base.)
* Prateek - The Band's All Gone (Live album from a favorite here.)
* Corb Lund - Agricultural Tragic (Great country rock. Don't sleep on "I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey.")
* Hum - Inlet (First album of new material since 1998. It's pretty heavy.)
* Becca Mancari - The Greatest Part
* Arca - KiCk i
* ionnalee, iamamiwhoami, Barbelle - KRONOLOGI
* Bassnectar - All Colors
* Country Westerns - Country Westerns
* Elbow - elbowrooms
* Bad Moves - Untenable
* Daniel Avery - Love + Light


* Carissa Johnson and The Cure-Alls - The Good EP (Probably my favorite release this week.)
* Ellie Moon - MOONiSMS (Another great EP this week. Four awesome songs.)
* Kitty - Charm and Mirror
* Pye Corner Audio - Where Things Are Hollow 2
* Dirty Projectors - Flight Tower
* sarya - take care of yourself
* Grand Pax - PWR
* ALMA - Acoustic EP
* The Venomous Pinks - I Want You

Also out:

* Dan Drohan - You're a Crusher/Drocan! (Not sure what to make of this one.)
* HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III (The first two tracks are quite good.)
* Bananagun - The True Story of Bananagun
* Ego Ella May - Honey for Wounds
* Iron Wigs - Your Birthday's Cancelled
* Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure
* Sofie - Cult Survivor

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