Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Dear Elise - "Dissociation"

Photo via Facebook
A key way to know you've gotten old is when your favorite bands have kids that are now in bands. Dear Elise is a Los Angeles based band that features Henry Eisenstein (aka Kay Hanley and Michael Eisenstein from Letters to Cleo's son) on drums. Even if you didn't know the connection to Letters to Cleo, odds are Letters to Cleo's fans are going to like this. Dear Elise's latest single, "Dissociation," has a very mid-90's alt-rock feel. It's pure power pop from the time when we were all moving on from grunge but still wanted that fuzz and crunch from our guitars and moved to various forms of power pop for our rock needs. It's a huge rock song with some absurdly catchy pop elements. Not bad for a group of teenagers just starting out.

You can listen to "Dissociation" below. For more on Dear Elise, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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