Monday, June 1, 2020

Toadies Cover Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy

Photo by Steve Visneau
Well... here's something I never thought I'd write: 90's hard rockers Toadies have recorded a cover of "You Are Not Alone," Mavis Staples's 2010 song with Jeff Tweedy. I've long felt that Toadies were unfortunately lumped in with a lot of the post-Nirvana alt-garbage that came out in the mid-90's, and 1994's Rubberneck has some seriously great songs on it. That being said, a partially acoustic cover of a song from an eighty year old gospel singer and the lead singer of Wilco? Recorded in quarantine, Toadies give us a shockingly faithful version of the original, except Vaden Todd Lewis isn't quite the singer Mavis Staples is, and I doubt he'd take that as an insult. 

Lewis explains the choice of the cover: “I first heard this Jeff Tweedy song about 2 weeks ago. It was a live performance of Tweedy with Mavis Staples, and it felt like it had been written for this very moment, when we can’t hug our friends or even some of our family. I immediately wanted to cover this song so I could help deliver the message that ‘you are not alone.'"

You can watch the video for the Toadies's cover of "You Are Not Alone" below. For more on the Toadies, check out their website.

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