Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Fries - "Arendt / Adler / Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley"

New Fries are truly a band without a genre. Their latest single, "Arendt / Adler / Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley" has elements of No Wave, trip hop, experimental noise rock, indie... etc. It starts out as a jazzy trip hop song, and slowly as the song progresses it keeps evolving and adding new elements. "Arendt / Adler / Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley" sounds like the same song at the end as it does as the beginning despite how much it grows and adds as it goes on and on. It's an impossibly compelling song that will suck you in even if you hate it.

New Fries say of the song: "Something about the women obscuring their gender and traditional roles (intentionally or otherwise) to do their work without interruption or expectation. Being contrarians, shrill. Seeking truth without taking care of emotions. Often their work is forensic, razor-sharp, and bright with clarity."

You can listen to "Arendt / Adler / Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley" below. Is the Idea of Us, the upcoming album from New Fries, will be out August 7 on Telephone Explosion. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on New Fries, check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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