Monday, June 1, 2020

Andreya Casablanca - "Talk About It"

I first stumbled upon Berlin's Gurr when they opened for Priests last year. I was sucked into their laid back alternative pop on their albums, and fell in love with their much more energetic and rock based live show. Andreya Casablanca of Gurr has released her first solo song, and this one goes even further into different directions. According to the Bandcamp bio, "Her own songs melt garage rock guitar with Linn Drums, a little bit of 2000s MTV dance music and poppy vocals." The only arguing that you'll get from me is that "Talk About It" is more 80's synth pop that 2000s MTV. (Of course, that could mean German MTV and not American MTV, and I wasn't really watching that much MTV then, so I could be wrong). "Talk About It" is a modern, updated take on European 80's synth pop. It's ridiculously fun and you're going to want to check this one out.

You can listen to "Talk About It" below. The song is available as a download on Andreya Casablanca's Bandcamp. For more on Andreya Casablanca, check out her Facebook.

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