Monday, April 12, 2021

GA-20 - "No No"

Boston's GA-20 have had a ridiculously busy year. They're currently sitting on four album's worth of material, and they're just starting to let it out. "No No" is the first single, and it's great. Like... really great. I spent far too long trying to figure out who was the original artist, because it just sounds and feels like classic blues. However, it feels like a modern take on classic blues. It's just amped enough to sound modern and fresh but not so amped up it crosses into JSBX territory. We've been fully on the GA-20 bandwagon for a while now, and "No No" is going to keep us firmly onboard. If you haven't connected with GA-20 yet, this one is sure to suck you in.

You can listen to "No No" below. The song is currently available as a single via Karma Chief Records/Colemine Records here. For more on GA-20, check out the artist's website.

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