Thursday, April 29, 2021

Jeremy James Meyer - "Low Gap Swagger"

Photo by Sarah Kathryn Wainwright

Jeremy James Meyer is making country for people that claim to hate country can still love. His latest single, "Low Gap Swagger," is definitely a country song. But, it's neither a throwback old timey country song or a modern pop country song. It's truly it's own brand of country that will need to fit under the Americana label, even though it's not really folky at all. It's an earnest song that embraces the genre while avoiding the cliches even the best examples can have. Meyer gives us a ramblin' style song that's both modern and timeless. What helps it feel so earnest is that the album is recorded live at the OK Theater in Enterprise, OR.

You can listen to "Low Gap Swagger" below. Alive & OK is due out June 11 on American Standard Time Records. For more on Jeremy James Meyer, check out the artist's website.

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