Monday, April 12, 2021

E.GG - "Keep Me On"

E.GG is a Filipino Canadian hip hop artist that recently moved from Winnipeg to Toronto. His latest single, "Keep Me On," is one of the rare songs that feels completely fresh and familiar at the same time. As it starts off with a sung chorus, it feels like most rap songs out there for the past twenty-plus years. Once E.GG starts rapping the song takes an interesting turn. His flow is truly unique. It's laid back but with its own cadence. It's an almost jerky style that demands you pay attention, which doesn't usually happen with hip hop this laid back. 

You can listen to "Keep Me On" below. The song is out now on Birthday Cake Media. You can find a copy here. For more on E.GG, check out the artist on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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