Wednesday, April 7, 2021

First Listen: New Releases for 2 April

Artist: Moontype
Album: Bodies of Water
Quick Thoughts: I think I fell in love with Moontype when I first heard "Ferry" last year. It's a fuzzy, dreamy explosion of music that feels beguiling and direct all at the same time, and the album delivers on the same energy. I find it fills the void that's been waiting impatiently for a new Field Mouse album, so if you dig that sort of thing, don't miss this one.
Songs of Note: "Lush," "Ferry," "About You"

Artist: GRMLN
Album: Dark Music in the Sun
Quick Thoughts: GRMLN is maybe the first act I've seen in a while that seems to be trying to bring the early-aughts Strokes soundscape into the 2020s. "Superstar" could have been a b-side off Room on Fire for all I know. Still, it's solid garage rock and I'm here for it.
Songs of Note: "Superstar," "The Way it Ends," "Star Eye"

Artist: Dry Cleaning
Album: New Long Leg
Quick Thoughts: There's a rich history of post-rock acts that do more talking through their lyrics than singing, and Dry Cleaning is doing it really well. This is an album that's hard to categorize, but it also feels like that's intentional. It's not going to work for everyone, for sure, but it definitely worked for me.
Songs of Note: "New Long Leg"

Artist: The Natvral
Album: Tethers
Quick Thoughts: I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out exactly why The Natvral felt familiar, and I think it ultimately reminds me of Langhorne Slim, but with a more rock attitude. It's a solid album from start to finish with a few songs that stuck with me on first listen, but if you're into this sort of thing you'll find a ton to love.
Songs of Note: "Sun Blisters," "Stay in the Country"

Artist: Flock of Dimes
Album: Head of Roses
Quick Thoughts: Flock of Dimes isn't reinventing indie rock here, but this is a familiar sounding record with hooks for days and days and days. Flock of Dimes specializes in songs that will get trapped in your head. I've been singing "Price of Blue" for weeks since it first dropped, and songs like "Two" and "Hard Way" give off a solid bit of Sylvan Esso vibes. This is easily one of my favorites this week.
Songs of Note: "Price of Blue," "Two," "Hard Way"

Artist: Major Murphy
Album: Access
Quick Thoughts: The harmonies dear god the harmonies. This is a gorgeous indie rock record with some truly tight musicianship and songs that really put in the work to go above and beyond. So many great songs on here, and I'm sure a few of them will become year-end favorites.
Songs of Note: "In the Meantime," "Unfazed," "Real," "Tear it Apart."

Artist: Ratboys
Album: Happy Birthday, Ratboy
Quick Thoughts: Ratboys is consistent, and consistently great. We love them here for good reason, but I didn't want to overlook this listen in a busy-ish week. There's a lot to enjoy here, so give it a go.
Songs of Note: "Space Blows," "Collected," "88 Fingers Edward"

Of note:

* Luca Yupanqui - Sounds of the Unborn
* Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END
* No-No Boy - 1975
* Lyla Foy - Fornever
* Hit Like a Girl - Heart Racer
* Otooman Turks - Ottoman Turks II
* Du Blonde - Homecoming
* The Orielles - La Vita Olistica
* La Femme - Paradigmes
* August, Yours Truly - In the Eyes of God
* Mello Music Group - Bushido


* Extra Credit - It's Over
* Small Black - Driftwood Fire
* Nasty Cherry - The Movie
* Devil's Teeth - La leggenda di Chong Li
* Brin, Dntel, and More Eaze - Futurangelics
* TDJ - TDJ002
* Kishi Bashi - Emigrant EP
* Field Medic - Plunge Deep Golden Knife
* Foxes - Friends in the Corner EP

Live albums/Compilations:

* The Vaccines - What Did You Expect from The Vaccines? (Demos)
* 4AD: Bills and Aches and Blues

Also out:

* boys cruise - boys cruise
* Middle Son - How Could We Have Ever Been Good?

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