Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Kate Dressed Up - "How Could I Have Known"

According to a press release, the second single this year from Kate Dressed Up is "... a queer folk rock song about mixed signals and missed opportunities." "How Could I Have Known" is "... a bisexual person's anthem about being invisible and at the same time remaining totally clueless as to how to make themselves known." Aside from that, it captures the universal feeling of realizing someone may have been interested, but not picking up on signals at the time. (At least, universal to me...) It's a great indie folk rock song, with added trumpets from the West Philadelphia Orchestra. "How Could I Have Known" is one of those folk rock songs that dances along the line of being mainstream and indie well enough to charm fans of either.

You can watch the video for "How Could I Have Known" below. Kate Dressed Up's debut album will be out later this year. For more on Kate Dressed Up, check out the artist's website.

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