Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Nicole Atkins & Marissa Nadler Cover The Fleetwoods

How familiar am I with The Fleetwoods? I had assumed it was a shorthand for Fleetwood Mac. Turns out The Fleetwoods were a late 50's/60's vocal/doo wop group. Their song "Mr. Blue" has been covered by the pairing of Nicole Atkins and Marissa Nadler. The pairing of Atkins and Nadler is perfect for a 60's doo wop song. Atkins has a more pop sound while Nadler's ethereal folk-ish music combines naturally for a song like "Mr. Blue." This new cover isn't a note for note perfect version of The Fleetwoods' original, but it's as close as you're going to get while updating the song for 2021. It's a gorgeous cover that is going to send you diving into the catalogs of Nicole Atkins, Marissa Nadler, and The Fleetwoods.

You can listen to Nicole Atkins and Marissa Nadler covering "Mr. Blue" below. Right now it's available as a single via Nadler's Bandcamp, but we can't help but hope this is the start of a larger collaboration. For more on Nicole Atkins, check out the artist's website. For Marissa Nadler, more information can be found here.

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