Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ToadStool - "Anvil"

Providence's ToadStool is quite prolific. He's the frontman for Toad & The Stooligans and earlier this year he released an album with his duo project Ronald Raygun (which is my favorite new band name of 2021...) Friday he's set to release a solo album, and to get ready we're bringing you the song "Anvil." "Anvil" is a laid back underground hip hop track. This is the kind of song for a die hard hip hop fan. ToadStool is a truly captivating MC. You have to listen to what he's saying. You really can't resist. Put his rapping over a laid back jazz track as he does with this song, and it's some of the most intriguing hip hop released in recent memory. This is the kind of artist we're going to be paying close attention to from here on out.

You can listen to "Anvil" below. eARTh 1 will be out on April 23. You can pre-order a copy now via Where the Living Room Used to Be here. For more on ToadStool, check out the artist's Instagram.

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