Tuesday, April 11, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 7 April 2023

Artist: Yaeji
Album: With a Hammer
Quick Thoughts: Yaeji, in her short career, is known for her pretty awesome electronic music, and this is a stellar effort across the board. The songs are pretty memorable and provide a great electronic record when we haven't gotten a lot of solid stuff lately. In a busy week, it's worth the time.
Songs of Note: "For Granted," "Michin"

Artist: Daughter
Album: Stereo Mind Game
Quick Thoughts: I don't recall where I first tripped up on Daughter, but Stereo Mind Game is one of those sneaky albums that grabs you when you least expect it. Sometimes shoegazey, sometimes alt-rock, it's a gorgeous record with a ton to love from front to back. In a week where it could quite easily get overshadowed, make some time for it.
Songs of Note: "Party," "Swim Back"

Artist: Blondshell
Album: Blondshell
Quick Thoughts: I've been addicted to "Kiss City" for a few weeks now, and I'm pleased to inform the group that Blondshell's self-titled album is really great. It's some truly emotive indie rock, with some reverb to go along with its 1960s rock influences. A great album that I can't wait to get back to.
Songs of Note: "Kiss City," "Olympus," "Sepsis"

Artist: Wednesday
Album: Rat Saw God
Quick Thoughts: So this is the buzzworthy record of the week, and for good reason. Their recent albums have all been bangers, and this latest album sees the band leveling up to an extent. "Chosen to Deserve" is haunting, "Bull Believer" an epic, "TV in the Gas Pump" something that could propel them into stardom. Don't miss out on this one, all the accolades are deserved.
Songs of Note: "Bull Believer," "Got Shocked," "Chosen to Deserve," "Turkey Vultures," "TV in the Gas Pump"

Artist: Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys
Album: Heaving
Quick Thoughts: So this is probably the most difficult album to listen to and describe, but it's such a compelling listen that I couldn't ignore it. There's something immediate and evocative about this set of songs that just insists on occupying the space it exists in. I really loved this album, and it's the rare one that really needs to be heard to be understood.
Songs of Note: "Howl," "Burning Building"

Artist: Basic Bitches
Album: It Doesn't Matter If It's Cool
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to give Basic Bitches a shout-out, as this is punk rock that's fun the way you think punk rock should be. If you can't get behind "Make Art," I'm not sure what you like about music at all.
Songs of Note: "There's No Crying in Baseball," "Make Art"

Of note:

* Josephine Foster - Domestic Sphere (Haunting stuff.)
* Susanna Hoffs - The Deep End (More cover songs, pretty great.)
* The No Ones - My Best Evil Friend (Good new music from one of Scott McCaughey's 30 bands.)
* Shep Treasure - 500 Dead or Alive
* yuragi - Here I Stand
* Jana Horn - The Window is the Dream
* North Americans - Long Cool World
* Bruiser and Bicycle - Holy Red Wagon
* VHS Head - Phocus
* Kelley McRae - Good Company
* Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven
* Public Interest - Spiritual Pollution
* Covet - catharsis
* µ-Ziq - 1977
* Overcoats - Winner
* Billie Marten - Drop Cherries
* Anareta - Fear Not
* Prateek - 'Til June
* Heather Woods Broderick - Labyrinth
* Robbie Fulks - Bluegrass Vacation
* Chessa Rich - Deeper Sleeper
* Josie Toney - Extra
* Nathan Fake - Crystal Vision


* Erlend Oye - Winter Companion
* Mediocre - To Know You're Screwed
* Sick/Sea - Guts
* The Bug - Machine 1
* Emelia - Water Flowers

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Lights - dEd (PeP alternate takes.)

Also out:

* Fred Davis - Cleveland Blues
* The Undercover Hippy - Poor Little England
* Ian Jones - Results Not Typical
* Mudhoney - Plastic Eternity
* Buck Gooter - Ghost Brain

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