Thursday, April 20, 2023

Gal Pal - "Takes Time"

Photo by Ry Essi

Paste Magazine has called Gal Pal "gothic West Coast shoegaze," and I have to give them the credit for that since there's no other real way to describe their latest single. "Takes Time" is this droning mess of a song, in the best possible way. The trio's latest has some of the dreariest sounding vocals we've heard all year that still end up working together in a mesmerizing harmony. It's beautiful in its dissonance, and almost overwhelmingly engaging for the right person. "Takes Time" is a powerful song that washes over the listener with both its sound and overall emotion.

You can watch the video for "Takes Time" below. This and Other Gestures is due out June 2. For more on Gal Pal, check them out on Twitter and Instagram.

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