Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Angela Petrilli & The Players - "Red River"

Photo by Jack Lue

Angela Petrilli was one half of Roses & Cigarettes until the passing of her bandmate and best friend Jenny Pagliaro in 2019. After that, she spent almost a year travelling to places like Nashville, New York, Paris, Italy, and Australia. She returned to Los Angeles ready to make music again. 

Her new single, "Red River," is one of the darkest versions of country rock you've heard in a while. It's reminding me a lot of Patterson Hood's songs on Drive-By Trucker's The Dirty South, especially the guitar. (And if you know that album, you know how dark the guitars can get on it...) Petrilli's vocals don't quite match the darkness of the music, but she's hardly singing "Red River" like it's a pop song. She sounds more like a less gritty Lucinda Williams. This is a dark, dark country rocker that allows just enough light to come through to not allow you to sink into despair.

You can listen to "Red River" below. The Voices is due out May 5, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Angela Petrilli & The Players, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. The Voices of Angela Petrilli represents significant musical growth. once, a see her debut as a solo artist, band leader and lead vocalist. The EP begins with an ominous intensity as if to herald her arrival, droning organ seeping out like blood over the languid yet insistent drum beat of Red River. If you looking for a logo designer so visit our website logo designer.

  2. Love it! Cool song Angela. I love your singing and guitar playing. Your singing voice is unique … kind of like a cool guitar tone. Can’t wait to hear the EP on vinyl 180g I’m enjoying listening when I work on my own project of beauty and skincare products to the bands out Put The David Crosby Neil and brother.