Friday, April 14, 2023

Savoir Faire - "Hopeless Nostalgic"

"Hopeless Nostalgic" could be a way to describe Savoir Faire's music and not just the title of her latest single. She's always thrown back to the past, but on her latest single Savoir Faire goes fully into vintage jazz and soul, but with a modern flair. Aside from her vocals, what pulls me in the most is the drum. It's used sparingly, and it's painfully quiet, but each time you hear the beat it's just striking. The instruments also offer an intriguing sound, and have more of an indie rock tuning than vintage jazz. The whole package is dripping with nostalgia for vintage jazz, indie rock, blues, soul, and more, all while sounding like a fully modern song. We've been digging Savoir Faire's music for a while now, and "Hopeless Nostalgic" may be our favorite song of hers yet.

In a Facebook post, Savoir Faire says of her new single:

"This song is dedicated to the people I grew up with, that I can look back on the 90s with in both sadness and comfort. It is also dedicated to the jazz standards that helped me to find my singing voice, any one else out there that feels like an old soul trying to find their place in the wrong era."

You can listen to "Hopeless Nostalgic" below. For more on Savoir Faire, check out the artist's website.

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