Friday, April 14, 2023

Lauren Early - "Tomorrow"

Photo by Charlie Walker

Lauren Early spent a few years touring in Surf Curse and Girlpool, but has recently gone solo. Her latest single, "Tomorrow," combines early 90's DIY indie rock bedroom lo-fi recordings with a more modern indie rock/pop sound. It takes that lo-fi spirit but updates it with better recordings that still sound intimate and noisy. "Tomorrow" does have a more fleshed out sound than this style did thirty years ago. It's an interesting mix of Sentridoh and artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Colleen Green. The song gets messy at times, but only in the best possible way. Early has established an interesting sound, and we can't wait to keep hearing what she's up to.

Lauren Early says of her new song:

“It’s very haunted and very optimistic, which I think encapsulates the album as a whole. I began writing this song at the start of my obsession with The Smashing Pumpkins. For better or worse, I really identify with Billy Corgan’s approach to music. He has such a distinct vision and toils away obsessively to see it through. That’s me and this song: A million guitars. Real cello, fake cello. Me toiling away. In hindsight, I think I wanted to make a song as good as ‘Today’ and ended up writing a song called ‘Tomorrow’ (lol).”

You can watch the video for "Tomorrow" below. Don't Take My Dream Away is due out May 19 on Danger Collective Records. For more on Lauren Early, check out the artist on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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