Monday, April 3, 2023

Answerman - "No Complaints"

Photo by Pat Piasecki

Following up on their previous single "Black Heart," Boston's Answerman have released "No Complaints." While I described the previous song as "... doused with psychedelia without any traces of hippiedom...," the new song is a little more hippie. It's an unexpected sound, especially seeing how "No Complaints" starts with a driving beat and hard rock guitar, but that sound slowly softens into a more mid-90's Boston alt-rock boom sound. This new track still has that garage rock edge we loved in "Black Heart," but it's more Lemonheads than The Stooges, while still having a little bit of The Stooges. It's nice to see a band branch out their sound so much within two singles, and has us even more excited about what Answerman will do next.

Sam Pitino says of the upcoming album:

“Thematically, the album touches on such a wide range of human conditions: Love, loss, lust, depression, anxiety, disappointment, forgiveness. And we all experience these things everyday, in real life situations: Our romantic relationships, our friendships, our workplaces, our politics. It's a whole world. And when you take a step back and start to put things into perspective, you see that there's so much gray area and nothing is black and white. But the gray area is the part that's interesting – that's where you can immerse yourself and create stories that hopefully resonate.”

You can listen to "No Complaints" below. Black Light Poster is due out April 21. For more on Answerman, check out the band's website. The band has an album release party coming up on April 22 at Faces Brewing Company in Malden with The Love Shamans and The Grubs.

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