Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Chandelier - "The Stop"

Hailing from Atlanta, Chandelier are a new band that don't sound like what you'd expect a band from Atlanta to sound like. Their new single, "The Stop," is a dark post punk track with a killer bass. The song is like a weird mixture of Gang of Four, Sonic Youth, and DEVO. It has the dark danceable sound of Gang of Four, the aggressive noise of Sonic Youth, and the artsy quirk of DEVO. It's the unique mix of anger and joy that is going to draw you into "The Stop." Post punk has been having a revival lately, especially with bands like Chandelier that push the boundaries of the genre outside of its comfort zone.

You can listen to "The Stop" below. Chandelier's self-titled debut album is due out March 5. For more on Chandelier, check out the band on Instagram.

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