Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Rick Rude - "Square"

New Hampshire's Rick Rude just released a new single, and if you're a fan of noisy and kinda quirky 90's indie rock, you're in luck. "Square" starts as an odd little noise rock/pop song that would probably be labelled "bubble grunge." There's just this odd little riff that sounds perfectly out of place. It's a tiny bit country... but just barely. To me it sounds like Pavement, The Lemonheads, and Guided By Voices all crunched into one. And then this absolutely epic noise portion swallows that whole and dominates for the rest of the song. You barely even realize that it's an instrumental until it's over. There aren't many indie rock songs without lyrics that don't feel like a placeholder or just a transition song in the middle of an album, but "Square" is compelling all by itself.

You can listen to "Square" below. Laverne is due out February 2 on Midnight Werewolf Records/Best Brother Records, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Rick Rude, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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