Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Girl with a Hawk - keep 'er lit

We almost dropped the ball on the latest EP from Girl with a Hawk. The Boston band released keep 'er lit last month, but better late than never on this one. The EP is five killer rock and roll songs that sound like a more garage-y and more 90's alt-rock influenced version of The Pretenders. keep 'er lit was originally intended for Red On Red Records, but found a new home at Rum Bar Records after label founder Justine Covault's passing last year. "Feel Me," which we wrote about back in November, is their tribute to Covault, and as much pain as the song contains, it's still a rock song. Even a quieter song like "The One" that is more roots based still feels like an epic while being performed by Girl with a Hawk.

Bandleader Linda S. Viens says of her band's new EP:

“I guess I would say that keep ‘er lit is exploring what it means to not just choose to go on, but to thrive and do right by those that depend on us. It’s about the sheer guts it takes to LIVE, and keep your heart open.”

You can listen to keep 'er lit below. The album is available now via Rum Bar Records, and can be found through Bandcamp. For more on Girl with a Hawk, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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