Wednesday, January 31, 2024

TELL - "Owned"

Photo by Dan Saltzman

TELL just sounds like a Boston band. The band, led by musician, writer, and novelist David Wildman, just released a new single, "Owned." The new single sounds like a smorgasbord of Boston rock. It starts off with a more gritty, early 80's scene sound. It's that sound that came after punk, but before the more experimental post punk sound started. From there, "Owned" moves through 80's New Wave and 90's power pop. It does all of this while still sounding like the same song throughout its sonic transformations. Plus, it just has that old school sound like it was secretly recorded at least three decades ago. TELL are the kind of band that is going to hit a nostalgia button if you were involved in the Boston music scene at any point in the previous century.

David Wildman says of the band's upcoming album:

“Lyrically, the album is awash in the experience we all have of living through these dark, weird times together, connected mostly through social media. It’s nearly impossible to avoid politics for me, so a number of the songs make reference to the cult-like mindset of a huge chunk of the population out there.”

You can listen to "Owned" below. Life in Reverse is due out February 9. For more on TELL, check out the band's website. They have an album release party scheduled for February 9 at The Middle East in Cambridge with Charming Arson, The Daylilies, and D-Tension.

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