Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Martha and the Muffins Cover Buffalo Springfield

"For What It's Worth" is an iconic song from Buffalo Springfield about the Vietnam War (although I always associate it with The Muppet Show...) Canadian rock icons Martha and the Muffins have recorded a cover of the Stephen Stills written song, and hearing it in 2024 makes the song sound much more like the random gun violence plaguing the United States. The cover sounds much more creepy and noir than the original. Martha and the Muffins also add some twang to their guitars. It's kind of like a New Wave meets noir meets country version of the folk-rock classic. It's the perfect kind of cover that stays true to the original while reinventing the song enough for an artist to make it their own.

You can watch the video for Martha and the Muffins' version of "For What It's Worth" below. For more on Martha and the Muffins, check out the band's website.

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