Friday, January 26, 2024

Frank Turner - "Do One"

Photo by Shannon Shumaker

I still consider Frank Turner one of my "new" artists even though I discovered him about thirteen years ago and he's about to release his tenth album. His albums typically go from good to phenomenal for me, and based on his latest single, this upcoming album could be one of the better ones. "Do One" has that level of confidence you only get from an artist who has been around as long as Turner has. It starts off as one of his more folky tunes, and then the rock kicks in. It's not a full on punk rock song, but Turner has long mastered finding that middle ground between folk and punk. "Do One" is just a straight up great rock song that's going to appeal to the folks, punks, and even mainstream rock fans. But that's just the magic of Frank Turner in 2024.

Frank Turner says of his latest single:

“‘Do One’ is the last song I wrote for the new album, and the first song on that album, as well as the first single. So it’s a summation of what I’m trying to say with this record, a record about survival and defiance, but also one with a sense of fun and self-deprecation. 19 years into my solo career, I’m still standing up and putting out some of my best work. It feels good.”

You can watch the video for "Do One" below. Undefeated is due out May 3 on Xtra Mile Recordings, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Frank Turner, check out his website.

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