Friday, May 31, 2024

Kate Bollinger - "Any Day Now"

Photo by Juliana and Nicola Giraffe

For her upcoming debut album, Kate Bollinger took inspiration from the pop, rock, and folk of the 1960's. That sound is all over her new single, "Any Day Now." The song is a light and breezy track that isn't exactly a throwback. Instead, it's an updated version of those sounds made fresh for 2024. It has roots in pop music, but an artsier version of pop than what you typically hear. If I'm being forced to make comparisons to current artists, "Any Day Now" sounds like a cross between Faye Webster and Kate Nash. Bollinger has crafted a song that is loads of fun without being cheesy or embarrassing, which can be rare.

Kate Bollinger says of her new single:

"My good friend Matt [E. White] was visiting from Virginia and we got together to play some music. We wrote this song and then drove around Los Angeles together. That same day he helped me realize the kind of record I wanted to make, which I subconsciously knew but couldn't really find the words for until then. A few months later, I recorded the song at Sam's [Evian] place in upstate New York with a band we put together. We spent the first day practicing the songs. The next day we recorded the first two songs, ‘Any Day’ Now being the second one. We did it all live in the room, no headphones or click, done in the spirit of most of my favorite music from the late 60s."

You can watch the video for "Any Day Now" below. Songs From a Thousand Frames of Mind is due out September 27 on Ghostly International, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Kate Bollinger, check out the artist's website.

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