Monday, May 20, 2024

Boston Calling Local Spotlight - JVK

Artist: JVK

When and where: Friday 5:20-6:00, Orange stage

I first saw JVK playing with Tysk Tysk Task in Rhode Island at an underattended show just about two years ago. The fact that they're both playing Boston Calling this year is pretty rad and makes that a show I can now brag about. Friday you'll be able to brag once you see JVK blow apart the Orange stage. The band started out as the solo project of Jo Krieger, and they've been playing basements and even played Louder Than Life last year. They play a high energy version of hard rock mixed with pop hooks. It's a full out rock band fronted by someone who could easily be a Top 40 star, but decided to stick with rock. Krieger was a incredibly compelling performer in a bar two years ago, so I can't imagine how much she's grown as a performer since then. We can all find out together Friday early evening!

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