Thursday, May 23, 2024

Ultrabomb - "Rage Bomb"

Photo via Facebook

Ultrabomb are a punk rock supergroup consisting of Greg Norton (Husker Du), Finny McConnell (The Mahones), and Jamie Oliver (UK Subs). Their latest single, "Rage Bomb," is a fast is dissonant punk track that sounds kind of like Husker Du playing a more mainstream and modern style of punk. Greg Norton is always going to sound like Greg Norton, but a song like "Rage Bomb" isn't as abrasive as a lot of his previous band's music was. But, this is a punk song, so there is plenty of abrasion within "Rage Bomb." It's always a pleasure to hear punk and indie royalty still sounding a great and vital as Ultrabomb sounds here.

You can listen to "Rage Bomb" below. Dying to Smile is due out June 7 on DC-Jam Records, and is available to pre-order here. For more on Ultrabomb, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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