Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mahogany - "A Scaffold"

Photo by Mats Bakken

New York City based Mahogany have released a beautiful new single. "A Scaffold" is a little hard to define. It seems to inhabit a world between dream pop and post-punk. It has that hazy and lovely sound that defines dream pop, but Mahogany are playing at a much faster speed than you would typically get with the genre. It has the beat of post-punk, and it's almost danceable if you don't mind dancing awkwardly. We cover a lot of post-punk and dream pop here, so obviously a band that merges the two styles together as deftly as Mahogany is going to be our kinda thing.

Singer/guitarist Jaclyn Slimm says of the band's new video:

“We sought to interpret the modes of self-empowerment in the lyric through traversing and penetrating a brutalist urban landscape."

You can watch the video for "A Scaffold" below. The single is available for purchase on Bandcamp. For more on Mahogany, check out the band's website.

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