Monday, May 13, 2024

Rachel Baiman and Caroline Spence - "Piss & Vinegar"

Rachel Baiman has been a favorite singer-songwriter around here for her original voice of Americana. She's teamed with Caroline Spence on a pair of singles, the most recent of which is "Piss & Vinegar." The song sees the duo dueting throughout the song, and their voices both contrast and complement each other perfectly. Baiman just has this ability to take her music which is rooted in mainstream and traditional folk and just work it in a way that is completely original. Some artists just have a certain unique quality to them, and seeing as how that describes both Baiman and Spence, any music they put out together is going to be irresistible. 

Caroline Spence says of her latest single:

“I’m so grateful that Rachel could imagine a brand new life for this song from the depths of my back catalogue. I’ve often found inspiration in examining and deconstructing colloquial phrases and that’s where this one started, with the title phrase. It’s a playfully subversive song about our conditioned expectations of women and the language we use to reinforce power dynamics.” 

You can listen to "Piss & Vinegar" below. The song is available as a single via Signature Sounds Recordings. For more on Rachel Baiman, check out the artist's website. Caroline Spence's website can be found here.

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