Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Luxury Teeth - "Vanity is a Fuck"

During the lockdown phase of the pandemic, Dave Homeowner started writing songs as an outlet. One restrictions lifted, he formed Luxury Teeth. The Baltimore band is set to release a new album, half live recordings and half studio recordings. "Vanity is a Fuck" is one of their studio tracks, and it's a burst of barely in control hardcore punk. As fast as the song is, it's propelled even faster by the vocals of Dave. This is punk based in the early days of hardcore. It's loud, it's fast, and it's hard. There is also a lot of creativity in the song that reminds me of some SST releases. 

You can listen to "Vanity is a Fuck" below. DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 3 is due out May 9 on DCxPC, and is available through Bandcamp. For more on Luxury Teeth, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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