Wednesday, May 15, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 10 May 2024

Artist: Abigail Lapell
Album: Anniversary
Quick Thoughts: We got an advance listen of this one and I'll say that this album feels like her most cohesive and immediate set of tunes so far. I love so much of this, and the fact that the Great Lake Swimmers have involvement just adds additional value. Abigail Lapell does folk music better than most, so give this a spin.
Songs of Note: "Annivesary Song," "Rattlesnake," "Blue Blaze"

Artist: Potatohead People
Album: Eat Your Heart Out
Quick Thoughts: I don't know if we're in a golden age of hip hop producers putting out great music or what, but Potatohead People were new to me and I am officially a fan. A solid album of beats and beeps with cool guest spots, and it just works from beginning to end. Really enjoyed this one.
Songs of Note: "Last Nite," "Distant Luv," "Follow Your Heart," "Secret Mission," "For the Soul"

Artist: Lunchbox
Album: Pop and Circumstance
Quick Thoughts: No band sounds more like Apples in Stereo to me than Lunchbox. Their ability to carry the Elephant 6 torch (deliberately or not) knows no bounds, and this is a great follow-up from what was already a great listen in their first two efforts. If you like bright, classic-sounding power pop, you need to make time for this album. A favorite this week.
Songs of Note: "I'm Yours, You're Mine," "Different Tune," "This World," "Heaven Only Knows"

Artist: Arab Strap
Album: I'm totally fine with it don't give a fuck anymore
Quick Thoughts: I don't know why I perceive Arab Strap as a divisive act, but I do. I don't think this album is as divisive as its title might indicate, but the undercurrent of rage and the sharp edges that present themselves throughout the runtime are super compelling in ways I didn't expect. It's dark and dank and dirty, and a mandatory listen this week.
Songs of Note: "Summer Season," "Strawberry Moon," "Allatonceness"

Artist: Childish Gambino
Album: Atavista
Quick Thoughts: A late surprise entry from Donald Glover, who has come a very long way from rapping over Sleigh Bells songs. He's gotten much more serious as a performer and songwriter over the years, but this has a lighter feel on first listen relative to some of the more recent offerings. I'm going to need more time with this, especially in the wake of the level of vitriol we're still reeling from thanks to Drake and Kendrick.
Songs of Note: "Time," "Little Foot Big Foot," "Sweet Thang," "The Violence," "Final Church"

Artist: Shannon and The Clams
Album: The Moon is In The Wrong Place
Quick Thoughts: Shannon and the Clams have been a solid band for a while now, but I definitely feel like this album levels things up a lot for the group. The title track is a psychedelic wonder that feels appropriately cosmic and epic, and I found the whole listen to be one that is arguably their most consistent and appealing effort. A great introduction, or a great listen if you've been a fan.
Songs of Note: "UFO," "Big Wheel," "The Moon is In the Wrong Place," "Dali's Clock," "Golden Brown"

Album: I Saw the TV Glow (Original Soundtrack)
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to highlight this soundtrack, which is a scattering of tracks with so many different ideas but similar moods, and I think Yuele's Broken Social Scene cover and the Caroline Polachek tracks were both strong highlights. Give this one a spin.
Songs of Note: "Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl" (Yeule), "Starburned and Unkissed" (Caroline Polachek), "Psychic Wound" (King Woman), "If I Could" (Jay Som), "How Can I Get Out?" (Sadurn), "Bury" (King Woman), "Claw Machine" (Sloppy Jane w/Phoebe Bridgers)

Of note:

* Pokey LaFarge - Rhumba County (Nothing quite like Pokey LaFarge, this one is great.)
* Ingrid Flottorp and Øyvind Blomstrøm - In This for a Lifetime (Electronic-tinged indie pop with some folkie flair.)
* Kelsey Waldon - There's Always a Song (Pure unadulterated country.)
* Lo Moon - I Wish You Way More Than Luck
* Ghostface Killah - Set the Tone (Guns & Roses)
* Seasonal Falls - Happy Days
* The Empty Page - Imploding
* Bad Sounds - Escaping from a Violent Time
* Big Special - Postindustrial Hometown Blues
* Josienne Clarke - Parenthesis, I
* Memoria - Redsetter
* A.G. Cook - Britpop
* Amy O - Mirror, Reflect
* How to Dress Well - I Am Toward You
* Iglooghost - Tidal Memory Eco
* Morgan Guerin - Tales of the Facade
* Rachel Sumner - Heartless Things
* Chief Keef - Almighty So 2
* Scott Lavene - Disneyland in Dagenheim
* Dehd - Poetry
* Keeley Forsyth - The Hollow
* Anya Hinkle - Oceania
* Sofia Bolt - Vendredi Minuit
* Sudden Voices - Days and Nights
* Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Love Hate Music Box
* Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier
* death's dynamic shroud and Galen Tipton - You Like Music
* Conway the Machine - Slant Face Killah
* Les Savy Fav - OUI, LSF
* Brutus VIII - Pure Gluttony


* New Age Healers - The Spin Out
* Ari Rivera - ari rivera ep 2
* The Blssm - Puppy Breath
* Heith - The Liars Tell...
* Orville Peck - Stampede, Vol. 1
* T'Challa King - The Disco
* flypaper - another orbit
* Victoria Bigelow - Songs for No One Vol. 2
* Josh Thurman - Worn out Songs
* thashxdow - BLXXD IN THE SHXDXWS
* Lapsley - A Guilty Heart Can Never Rest

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* From the River to the Sea: Songs for Palestine

Also out:

* Kings of Leon - Can We Please Have Fun
* Amen Dunes - Death Jokes

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