Friday, May 3, 2024

Muzzins - "We Can Be Together"

In the past three years, Muzzins have hopped from genre to genre, incorporating elements of alt-rock, punk, jazz, hip hop, electroclash, R&B, funk, etc. in their music. The Boston band are masters of incorporating multiple sounds in songs, and their latest sees them pushing their boundaries even further. "We Can Be Together" is the most electronic song they've released so far. The song lives in the world between a rave and the chill out room at a rave, while also incorporating elements of indie rock in the song. "We Can Be Together" sounds like Radiohead's more electronic songs, but if they decided to be a party band and not change the world. If it wasn't fun, it wouldn't be Muzzins.

You can watch the video for "We Can Be Together" below. The song is currently available through Bandcamp. For more on Muzzins, check out the band's website.

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