Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Colleen Green - "It's Nice to Be Nice"

I can't think of any artist that would release a song called "It's Nice to Be Nice" that I would want to listen to besides Colleen Green. That's just truly the magic of Green. In her hands, "It's Nice to Be Nice" is more about wishing she could exile her own negativity. It's not preaching to the public at large to be more kind, it's about her own struggle. It's done in that incredible pop meets indie rock style that only Green can truly pull off. This is one of her more pop songs, but it still has all that DIY punk and indie vibe that we need in a Colleen Green song. She's the rare indie rocker that seems to get better and better the more pop and closer to mainstream she gets.

You can watch the video for "It's Nice to Be Nice" below. Cool is due out September 10 on Hardly Art. You can pre-order/pre-save the album here. For more on Colleen Green, check out the artist's website.

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