Thursday, July 22, 2021

Girlpuppy - "Miniature Furniture"

Photo by Brandon McClain

With the second single off her upcoming EP, we're getting more and more rabid for the new release from Girlpuppy. "Miniature Furniture" is a laid back, upbeat indie rock/pop/folk song. The song just feels like a light and breezy summer song, especially with some country meets indie rock slide guitar. It's absolutely perfect for anyone that has been digging anything from Snail Mail or Phoebe Bridgers. "Miniature Furniture" is a masterful song that combines pop, folk, and indie in such a way to draw fans of all three in.

As light and breezy as the song feels, there is a sadness to it. Becca Harvey (aka Girlpuppy) explains the song is:

"... a culmination of experiences from a summer where I was traveling back and forth to Chicago and Pasadena all whilst coping with a difficult break up.

"I was having a really tough time dealing with the breakup, but instead of addressing the feelings I was experiencing, I distracted myself with travel and spent time with friends. I always find myself trying to hide from confronting my emotions head on by doing things to keep myself from thinking about how sad I am. This upbeat song really embodies the fleeting feelings of happiness while also being so depressed.
"I associate great memories with this song because I wrote it with two of my friends Grace Repasky and Maggie Geeslin (of Lunar Vacation) and it was such a fun experience. The miniature furniture title is a reference to an exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago that I visited during that summer.”

You can watch the video for "Miniature Furniture" below. Swan is due out August 20 on Royal Mountain Records. For more on Girlpuppy, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.


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