Monday, July 26, 2021

Sierra Ferrell featuring Billy Strings - "Bells of Every Chapel"

Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Just when we start thinking we couldn't possibly be more excited for the upcoming album from Sierra Ferrell, she goes and releases a song like "Bells of Every Chapel." This new single has this impossible amount of charm and is gloriously old timey country. It's the kind of old timey country that could very easily fall into hokey territory, but Ferrell is a master of dancing on the line just before hokey and making music that is fun. How much fun is "Bells of Every Chapel?" It includes some bird sounds towards the beginning that sound like they could be out of a classic early Disney animated movie, and it works perfectly. I have no idea how Ferrell can pull off music this enjoyable and charming without crossing the line into overdoing it, but she's a master of this trick. Plus, she brings in Billy Strings for some back-up.

In a Facebook post, Sierra Ferrell says of the new song:

"The way this song came about is kinda funny. I was watching the TV show 'The Crown' and Queen Elizabeth II had said something about 'the bells of every chapel.' As soon as I heard that phrase, I just started writing. A week went by and I had my good friend Oliver Bates Craven help me finish writing it. When it came time to record, I knew I wanted Billy Strings involved, because the song has a lot of space for him to play guitar noodles."

You can listen to "Bells of Every Chapel" below. Long Time Coming is due out August 20 on Rounder Records. You can pre-order/pre-save the album here. For more on Sierra Ferrell, check out the artist's website.

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