Friday, July 23, 2021

(Green River) Festival Friday - Kimaya Diggs

With the Green River Festival returning August 27-29, we're going to highlight some of the lesser known artists playing that we're most excited to see. The bottom of the poster at any festival contains some gems you don't want to miss, and especially so this year at Green River!

Kimaya Diggs is a Western Massachusetts based artist. Her music is nearly impossible to define by genre, but that's what we do so we'll give it a shot. Diggs brings us a mesmerizingly gorgeous blend of simple, acoustic folk mixed with jazz vocals and classic soul. It's truly a genre all her own, and it's going to be a perfect way to ease yourself into an all day music festival. While songs like "Sweet Pea" and "How Am I Sposta Know" are perfect chill out on a blanket songs, this is hardly mellow background music. Diggs' music is chill, but impossibly captivating. She's the type of artist that is going to silence a crowd as they watch in rapt attention.

Kimya Diggs is playing Saturday at the Green River Festival. Saturday and weekend passes are sold out, but you can get Friday and Sunday tickets at

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