Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Feels - "Night Walker"

Photo by Tony Accosta

Los Angeles' Feels started working on their new EP last year when the lockdown started. Their new single, "Night Walker," might be the ideal lockdown/quarantine anthem. It starts off with the line "Humanity's interactions / Dangerous today" which pretty much sums up the last sixteen or so months of all of our lives. From there the song is the slowest burn possible. It's classic indie rock that plods along, threatening to explode but keeping it all together as the tension quietly builds and builds. When it finally does end in release, it's more of an even more anxiety causing freak out that includes the line "I just want a life that's real." Once again, basically what we've all lived through for the past year plus.

Singer/guitarist Laena M.I. says of the new song:

“We were all in the studio mixing Subversive Reaction when the lockdowns began. We gave 'Night Walker' a moody vibe that sounded to us like walking down big city alleyways alone at night, questioning the true meaning of ‘connection'... and then as the world was forced into isolation and the months dragged on, the lyrics hit in a much more literal sense than we ever could have imagined."

You can watch the video for "Night Walker" below. Subversive Reaction is due out July 22 on Deemed Printable. You can pre-order/pre-save a copy here. For more on Feels, check out the band's website.

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