Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Children of the Flaming Wheel - "Trenches"

Children of the Flaming Wheel feature three members of Hallelujah the Hills (which accounts for 75% of the band). Since we are obviously huge HtH fans here, we kinda have to give Children of the Flaming Wheel a shot. While their new single, "Trenches," is wildly different from anything their other band has released, longtime fans are still going to find a lot to love here. Their Bandcamp bio describes them as "galapagogo garage punk for the freakazoids!" Surprisingly, what you're imagining in your head is probably pretty close to what "Trenches" sounds like. It's a pretty rockin' psychedelic version of garage rock, but it's a short burst of psychedelia at just over two minutes. It sounds like if The 13th Floor Elevators came during the punk explosion of the late 70's.

You can listen to "Trenches" below. The song is available as a download here. For more on Children of the Flaming Wheel, check out the band's Bandcamp.

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