Friday, June 10, 2022

Burn the Louvre - "Lost With You"

I thought I knew what to expect from a band called Burn the Louvre. They're obviously some form of punk/metal/hardcore based on their name. Instead, the Hamilton, Ontario band make this impossibly charming blend of indie pop and rock with plenty of folky sounds thrown in. Their latest, "Lost With You," is almost too upbeat and charming. It's an upbeat love song that is very proudly wearing its heart on its sleeve. It comes dangerously close to being twee but never quite crosses that line. It's the kind of love song that can even melt the most curmudgeonly indie rock fan's heart.

Jordan Speare says of his band's new song:

"'Lost With You' recaptures a fun day I had with my ex-girlfriend. It resulted in this upbeat indie pop/rock song about love at the height of its arc; that period of time during a relationship where everything is perfect. 'Lost With You' celebrates love at its most carefree, where getting lost in the woods doesn't sound so bad as long as you're lost together."

You can listen to "Lost With You" below. For more on Burn the Louvre, check out the band's website.

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