Tuesday, June 21, 2022

First Listen: New and Missed Music for 17 June 2022

Artist: Caregiver
Album: Bathing in Yesterday's Fires
Quick Thoughts: Caregiver came into my list late this weekend, and the last thing I expected was to be blown away so quickly. There's an urgency and emotion to this that demands attention, setting it apart from other singer-songwriter fare, and each song feels as memorable as the one before it. Just a wonderful album and another contender for best in recent memory.
Songs of Note: "First Love," "Everything," "Reason," "Myself"

Artist: TDJ
Album: TDJ123
Quick Thoughts: I wanted to highlight this as another album I loved this week, even though it serems more aggressively for me than a lot of other albums. This is a throwback to 1990s-style dance/electronic music, and it more than whets my appetite. If you're here for a good time? Check this one out.
Songs of Note: "Addictive/Predictive," "Live On (Without You)," "Sway (The Places She Goes)," "Lalala (Want Somebody)," "Underwater"

Artist: Silver Lake 66
Album: The Space Between Us
Quick Thoughts: Silver Lake 66 does some honest roots music, and the new album continues along that trend. They're the right level of polish to go along with some very solid songwriting, and I wanted to highlight this one this week because it's really its own country-esque thing. Worth your time.
Songs of Note: "Bun E. Carlos," "I-5 Drifting," "Let Your Heart Break"

Artist: Pharis and Jason Romero
Album: Tell 'Em You Were Gold
Quick Thoughts: I love everything this duo does, and the latest album sings with the same folky trajectory. When these two are on, there are few who can touch them, and songs like "Sour Queen" and "Going to Town" deserve to get more notice. Plenty of room on the bandagon, so check this one out.
Songs of Note: "Sour Queen," "Train on the Island," "Been All Around This World," "Going to Town"

Artist: Pollyanna
Album: Slime
Quick Thoughts: Pop punk at its finest. It's just grungry and abrasive enough to retain its punk rock flavor while providing enough hooks to stick around long after it finishes up. I don't have all that much to say about it, but I didn't want this one lost in the shuffle.
Songs of Note: "Pixie," "Mars," "Pasadena," "Relationship Anxiety"

Artist: Alice Merton
Album: S.I.D.E.S.
Quick Thoughts: Alice Merton is huge in Europe, and this album gives us stateside people a taste as to why. It's great pop music, to be sure, but it has an additional edge to it that makes the listen that much more interesting. "Hero" in particular is a song that I expect will be in heavy rotation for some time. Make time for this.
Songs of Note: "Loveback," "Island," "Same Team," "Blindside," "Hero," "Vertigo"

Artist: Jamie Drake
Album: New Girl
Quick Thoughts: Jamie Drake is a little bit jazz, a little bit pop, a little bit folk, and she moves so effortlessly between the genres that it's often surprising about how well it works. In a busy week, find time for this, and don't let the great production value deter you.
Songs of Note: "Easy Target," "It's a Wonderful Life"

Of note:

* RY X - Blood Moon (Bon Iver-esque.)
* Horse Jumper of Love - Natural Part (Some great moments throughout.)
* Bartees Strange - Farm to Table (Great melodic efforts here.)
* The Dream Syndicate - Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions
* Deliluh - Fault Lines
* Foals - Life is Yours
* J Rocc - A Wonderful Letter
* Shoko Igarashi - Simple Sentences
* Flasher - Love is Yours
* Old Moon - Cities of the Plain
* Time Wharp - Spiro World


* Harvey Causon - Vertebrae
* Girl Ultra - EL SUR
* Kassi Valazza - Highway Sounds
* The Bobby Lees - Hollywood Junkyard
* The Goddamsels - Wayward Daughter
* Revelators Sound System - Revelators
* 0171 - Welcome Back to My Channel
* Retirement Party - Retirement Party
* Eli Olson - Midnight Show
* Hazel English - Summer Nights
* Jillette Johnson - Normal Kid
* Auntie Flo & Sarathy Korwar - Shruti Dances
* Kassi Valazza - Highway Sounds
* Amy Dabbs - Four Track Mind EP

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Tirzah - Highgrade
* Air Texture VIII

Also out:

* Duke Deuce - CRUNKSTAR
* Hercules & Love Affair - In Amber
* Erica Banks - Diary of the Flow Queen
* Logic - Vinyl Days
* Perfume Genius - Ugly Season
* ZORA - Z1
* Sound of Ceres - Emerald Sea

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