Tuesday, June 21, 2022

American Thrills - "Maybe You Were Right About Me"

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Hailing from Connecticut, American Thrills are making a straight up rock based version of punk rock. Their latest single, "Maybe You Were Right About Me," doesn't really sound like a New England kind of band. It's a punk rock song that is rough around the edges despite how much it's relying on being catchy and is just barely shy of being emo or pop punk. But there is something really straight up classic rock about "Maybe You Were Right About Me" in a Bruce Springsteen sort of way. It's a giant anthemic song just begging to be played in an arena or festival, while still being perfect for a dive bar.

You can listen to "Maybe You Were Right About Me" below. The song will be on American Thrills's debut album which is due out in the Fall on Wiretap Records. For more on American Thrills, check out the band's website.

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