Thursday, June 2, 2022

Vandoliers - "Before the Fall"

It's been over a year since we heard from Vandoliers. Luckily the band has a new album coming out, which means we get some new music from them! They may be one of the finest bands out there in the world of country punk, but "Before the Fall" shows off their more sensitive side. This one is a country punk power ballad. That may sound like an odd description, but Vandoliers pull this off impeccably. The song uses the perfect amount of horns, and with some added keys in just the right places, "Before the Fall" might just be a perfect song, even before the killer country punk guitar solo. Now we just need to convince them to tour in the Northeast...

You can listen to "Before the Fall" below. The Vandoliers is due out August 12 on Amerikinda Records. The album can be pre-saved/pre-ordered here. For more on Vandoliers, check out the band's website.

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