Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Miracle Blood - "Like a Round Hole Through a Square Peg"

Boston's Miracle Blood have one of the most interesting and classic sounds in the city. Their latest single, "Like a Round Hole Through a Square Peg" is one of the loudest things we've covered in a long time. It's equal parts noise rock, punk, and metal. It starts off mostly like a metal song with some of the most killer riffs imaginable, and then it goes into an almost Jello Biafra meets the Pixies territory. Most metal/noise rock doesn't usually fit the indie rock loud/quiet/loud thing, but Miracle Blood almost does. Then again, this is more of a loud/less loud and slower/loud template.

You can listen to "Like a Round Hole Through a Square Peg" below. The song is currently available via Bandcamp. For more on Miracle Blood, check out the band on Facebook. If you happen to be in the Boston area, they're playing O'Brien's in Alston on June 16 with Sapling, Ghost Planet, and Baabes. The show also includes very special guest Rainy from Sapling guesting on drums! Tickets for that can be found here.

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