Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Sorcha Richardson - "Archie"

Photo by Molly Keane

Dublin's Sorcha Richardson has created a song that defies your typical expectations. "Archie" starts off as a fairly standard mainstream folky, singer/songwriter style song. Even if it stayed with that sound all the way through, it would be a terrific song I'd be thrilled to tell you all about. But, slowly the song morphs into this epic pop and alt-rock song. It has elements of folk still lingering, but also some more electronic pop sounds and even a little shoegaze poking around. It's an interesting sound that reveals more and more to a listener upon multiple listens.

Sorcha Richardson says of the new song:

"Archie is a song about teenage hopes and dreams and about losing touch with the people who you once shared them with. I wrote the earliest version of it at a writing camp in the Spring of 2021 with some of my favourite Irish songwriters. It was the one song from the camp that I kept coming back to but I would have left it off the album if not for Alex Casnoff’s influence. He was a real guiding light with this one."

"We recorded it at The Clinic in Dublin with my band mates Joe Furlong, Cian Hanley and Jake Curran and it’s quickly become my favourite song to play live. As lame as it sounds, It makes me feel like I’m living out my teenage dreams when we play it. I think that’s one of the greatest feelings you can have."

You can watch the video for "Archie" below. For more on Sorcha Richardson, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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