Tuesday, June 7, 2022

New Junk City - "Rosey"

According to the press release, the new song from New Junk City "... would fit perfectly between The Lemonheads and Gin Blossoms." That press release is basically written for just for us, and "Rosey" would have been right at home on your favorite alt-rock station back in 1994. The Atlanta band have crafted a song that epitomizes that post grunge sound as alt-rock started to get a little more poppy but had just enough of an edge to it to still be considered alternative. It's slacker lead vocals over buzzing guitars and catchy background vocals that are what is going to truly suck you in. The song even ends with droning feedback, and how much more 1994 can you possibly get?

You can listen to "Rosey" below. The single is out now via A-F Records with Beg a Promise due in the Fall. For more on New Junk City, check out the band on Facebook and  Twitter.

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