Monday, January 16, 2023

Bang Camaro - "We Know You Know"

Photo via Facebook

One of the most unexpected reunions in recent memory, Boston's favorite choral meets pop/hair/thrash metal favorites Bang Camaro have released a second single off their upcoming album. "We Know You Know" is just a perfect Bang Camaro song. The band have always taken gang vocals to a whole new level, but somehow this one amps it up even more. This one goes back to just before hair metal went fully pop. There is just the slightest edge to "We Know What You Know," perhaps even some dalliance into punk. And, of course, there are some killer 80's style guitar solos showing up. If you've always had a soft spot for bands like Motley Crue and Twisted Sister, and also love choral music, you probably already love Bang Camaro. Even if you don't think this will be your thing, this group has ended up surprising a lot of open-minded music fans.

You can watch the video for "We Know You Know" below. The song will be included on Bang Camaro III which doesn't seem to have a release date. For more on Bang Camaro, check out the band's Facebook.

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