Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Wildelux - "24/7"

Wildelux (pronounced Will Deluxe) was born in the Bronx but moved to Los Angeles back in 1993 to pursue a music career. He is a member of The Last Kind, but has also been releasing solo albums. In February, he will be releasing his last solo album, The IT Factor.

"24/7" is the latest single off of his upcoming album. He handles production on this one as well as vocals, and if you love 90's hip hop, you're going to love this one. Nothing really sounds modern on "24/7." Wildelux's latest sounds like it could be a lost track from anytime between 1991 and 1996. As many of his peers try to sound like modern hip hop, Wildelux keeps what made him a great artist by keeping his sound intact.

You can watch the video for "24/7" below. The IT Factor is due out February 28. (Even a Tuesday release date, how old school is that?) For more on Wildelux, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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