Friday, January 27, 2023

Sunshine Riot - "Looking at the Past"

Boston based alt-grunge band Sunshine Riot is back with new music just a few months after the release of last year's Sparkle Baby 2000. "Looking at the Past" is one of those songs that stands out based on how unique it sounds. Throughout its just short of four minutes running time, "Looking at the Past" morphs into a few different styles, although all seem to be rooted in grunge. It starts out as a kind of folk or country train song, then into a nearly Sex Pistols-esque punk song, then into an odd version of ska... all with a ton of grit and heaviness associated with grunge. Despite these changes, Sunshine Riot have made a cohesive song that doesn't sound like it's wildly swapping styles.

Vocalist and guitarist Jonny Orton says of the new song:

“The song sort of exists in two pieces. The first half, I think, is the internal narrative of a character who has taken a long time to change, I suppose for the better, and is reflecting on their past while attempting to assure themselves and others they weren't too late in putting their wilder and lesser ways down.”

You can listen to "Looking at the Past" below. Loud, Bright and Violent was recorded by Steve Albini and is due out in April. For more on Sunshine Riot, check out the band's website.

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