Tuesday, January 31, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 27 January

Artist: Pure Adult
Album: II
Quick Thoughts: I shouldn't like Pure Adult, but I like Pure Adult. II is a loud, brash affair that almost outright revels in dischord, but then you get songs like "Hot Crusade" that wow you over and over and over again. It's the most challenging listen of the week, but also the most rewarding - reminiscent of Tropical Fuck Storm and Future of the Left in all the right ways.
Songs of Note: "Hot Crusade," "The Power of Incredible Violence, Pt. III," "Etcetera, Etc."

Artist: Widows Gold
Album: Love Drops
Quick Thoughts: Widows Gold isn't trying to reinvent the alt-rock wheel with Love Drops, and that's what makes it awesome. It's a great alt-indie record that feels fresh and, at only eight tracks, doesn't feel overlong, either. In terms of the indie and alt rock stuff we love here, this one is absolutely an early year favorite.
Songs of Note: "Inside," "Little by Little," "Widow's Gold"

Artist: H.C. McIntire
Album: Every Acre
Quick Thoughts: H.C. McIntire's third album is a great country-adjacent listen with a lot going for it. The lead singer of Mount Moriah, her solo work is a very interesting rootsy effort with some great guests (like Amy Ray of Indigo Girls on "Turpentine") and memorable songs. If you like the rootsy stuff, make it a point to check this out.
Songs of Note: "Turpentine," "New View," "Dovetail," "Soft Crook"

Artist: Crosslegged
Album: Another Blue
Quick Thoughts: While it's a fairly busy new release week, I did want to give a highlight to Crosslegged, the singer-songwriter project of Keba Robinson. It's a gorgeous singer-songwriter record with some memorable moments and it's definitely worth your time. It's one of the albums I'm really looking forward to getting back to in the days to come.
Songs of Note: "Don't Go Back"

Of note:

* Don't Stop or We'll Die - Signature Please (Chaotic theatrical indie pop.)
* Heavy Blanket - Moon Is (J. Mascis instrumental project.)
* Kimbra - A Reckoning (Kimbra is always an interesting listen.)
* Complete Mountain Almanac - Complete Mountain Almanac
* Dearly Beloved - Walker Park
* The Arcs - Electrophonic Chronic
* Hammock - Love in the Void
* Elle King - Come Get Your Wife
* Sara Noelle - Do I Have to Feel Everything
* Parannoul - After the Magic
* R. Ring - War Poems, We Rested
* Miniature Tigers - Miniature Tigers
* Gena Rose Bruce - Deep is the Way
* Casja Silk - Ninjo
* Bass Drum of Death - Say I Won't
* Samia - Honey
* Biosphere - N-Plants
* Reuben Vincent - Love is War
* Meg Baird - Furling
* Oahk - Numeric Hands "Revised Acoustic Memories"


* Dust Bowl Faeries - Carnival Dust
* Half Gringa - Ancestra Home
* Suep - Shop
* Ha the Unclear - Handprint Negatives
* Facta - Emeline
* Philip Glass - Refractions
* ICYTWAT - G4ost 2
* Florry - Sweet Guitar Solos
* Redolent - make big money fast online now
* Carlton Melton - Resemble Ensemble
* the moss - Insomnia

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Boy Jr. - Pay Attention to Meee Reeeemixes

Also out:

* The Snarlin' Yarns - It Never Ends
* Angel Electronics - ULTRA PARADISE
* ToadStool - LABTHRASHR
* White Reaper - Asking for a Ride
* Panda Rosa - Burned Car Highway Light Volcanic
* Fucked Up - One Day

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